The Perfect Wedding Dress

One of the most fun and nice things about your wedding is to choose the dress you will wear, but you must make sure it is the perfect one FOR YOU. It is not only to buy the dress that looks pretty but that  fits your figure and enhance it, that makes you feel comfortable and special on this great day.

There are many options of models and styles: mermaid, princess, strapless, imperial, but you have to consider several aspects such as the shape of your body, your complexion, height and bust size.

The first thing you need to know is the shape of our body:



Have you already identified your body type? All right! So, what dress suits you best?


Pear: We could say that its number characteristic are wide hips (more than shoulders and bust) and defined waist. Your goal will be to conceal the lower part of the body and highlight the high part.

To Avoid:

  • Ruffes in waist and hips.
  • Dresses with very short skirts or above the ankle.
  • Round neck line.
  • Thin straps.

The dresses that look best on you are  A line and Ball gown.


         Corte A                                           Baile/ Acampanado                                    Imperial



 Slightly more flowy than a ball gown, A-lines have fitted bodices through the waist and cascade out towards the ground.



Ball Room 

It is characterized by a well defined waist from which it flows into a very wide circular skirt.


The waistline is high followed by a slim, straight skirt.



Inverted Triangle: This figure has broad shoulders and narrow hips or thin legs and not much hip.


  • Thick fabrics or lots of prints on top.
  • Wear shoulder pads, high or wide collars.
  • Very striking necklaces.

The dress styles that flatter you the most are princess, trumpet, mermaid, and short.

triangulo ibnver
           Princess                                                     Mermaid                                              Short

Princess: It is characterized by a seam that flows from the shoulder to the hem of a wide skirt.

vera wang princesa


Mermaid: Skirt fitted to the hips and legs, extended either from the knees or lower.

descarga (1)1440528678_f_kathleen-front-1200x1735  descarga (2)

Short:The skirt covers below the knees.

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Rectangle:This silhouette is quite straight at the top and bottom of the torso, has a low waist and a slightly masculine touch.
  • Very tight garments
  • Straight line dresses
  • Short sleeves or square necklines
  • Loose or sagging dresses that hang from the shoulders.
The dress styles that flatters you the most are Imperial, A-line
 A line
ALFRED ANGELO BRIDAL FW12 NEW YORK 04/13/12 e819111355378634117053a7bb8c9927
Hourglass:Any type of dress suits this lucky body shape as the shoulders and hips are symmetrical and a slim waist.
Recommended dresses: 
vestido_de_novia_corte_para_tu_casamiento_20140717_1600637630 Vestido-de-Novia-Tubo_180285210_1 Vestidos-novia+Tubo-04
Oval:This figure generally has rounded shoulders and the waist is not well defined.
  • Short sleeves that emphasize the width of the arm
  • Heavy and rigid fabrics that provide volume, as well as shiny ones.
  • Very tight dresses
  • Draped or flared skirts
Dresses you should use:
A line:
e31f926e3ec17bb67bb0fbe148d2582b         manzana
Now you already have a better idea of what type of dress to look for, good luck and may you find the PERFECT one !!


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