The meaning of the Colors of your Wedding

Have you already chosen the colors of your wedding? Keep reading and discover what they say about your personality …

Meaning of the color of your wedding

Yellow: Happiness, warmth, alertness, vitality.

Green: Natural, peace, fullness, growth, calm, freshness, respect.

Purple: Wisdom, royalty, celebration, elegance, luxury, sensuality.

Orange: Energy, fun, romp, exotic, jovial.

Gray: Care, dedication, articulated, focused.

Blue: Loyalty, peace, comfort, confidence, health, serenity, intelligence, tranquility.

Black: Power, elegance, mystery, rebellion, sensuality.

White: Purity, youth, cleanliness, virtue, innocence, simplicity.

Red: Passion, danger, emotion, sensuality, attention, courage, success, dynamic.

Pink: Affection, individualism, compassion, strength, sweetness.

Brown: Consciousness, comfort, reliable, stable.

It’s amazing what colors say about our personalities, isn’t it?

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