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How to say NO to guests requesting more Invitations

You can’t imagine how many times our couples have asked us about this subject! At a wedding, whether it is in a foreign destination or at home, there are always those uncomfortable guests who want more invitations to take their son with his wife, their little children, a very good friend, their mother, a recent girlfriend etc. And in some way it is very common in destinations weddings, since most of the guests take a little vacation and want to kill two birds with one stone but beware… That does not mean that you should say yes and increase your guest list with people who you may not know or are not special to you.

It will seem incredible how inconsiderate people can be but perhaps they are not aware that each person and each seat has an additional cost, (not to mention the seat assignment arrangements) and for them it is very easy to add “only one person”

So, how can you say “NO” to the guests who ask for more invitations? 

Here are some tips to deal with that situation

Tip 1

wedding sirenis riviera mayaBe direct and say “NO” from the beginning, in a polite manner, explain to your guest that all the seats are complete and you can’t add more people. Let’s just hope your guest will understand and don’t get mad!

Do not allow them to think there is a possibility, avoid phrases like “I’ll see if someone cancels” or “I’ll confirm you later” especially if you do not intend to give them the extra invitation.

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Tip 2

Cordially explain that you are on a budget and adding more people would increase it, if they offer to pay for their seat (and still you don’t want “their guests” to attend) tell them you wouldn’t like to bother them with that. (Let’s hope they understand the hint).

Tip 3

Wait for last minute cancellations; In this case, we suggest you make a waiting list for all those who ask for more invitations and if someone of your guests cancels, then you can include more people in the guest list.

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Tip 4

Another simple excuse is just saying that you already reached the maximum capacity of people in the venue where the wedding will take place or package and cannot add more.

Hopefully these tips will be useful and help you through these uncomfortable moments!

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