How to make a service book for your Catholic Wedding


The preparation of a service book for a Catholic wedding celebration is very important as it is a guide for all the guests to follow closely the readings, songs and what is said during the ceremony. It is an even more useful tool in destination weddings where guests sometimes come from different countries and speak different languages; the mass is celebrated in only one language, either Spanish or English, and in the serivice book you can write the translation of each reading, psalm and moment so that everyone is involved!

Remember that the first thing you should do is check with the church or parish priest if they have any type of missal they normally use in the ceremonies they officiate, so you can take a sample and make changes in names, dates, readings and phrases. In addition, you should combine it  with the rest of the stationery of your event to give it an even nicer touch.

The missals can be placed in each place of the church or at the entrance in a basket for each guest or couple to take one; You can also ask one of the bridesmaids to distribute them among the guests before the celebration begins.

Here are the parts of the missal:

1.- Entrance

Name of the song of the processional (entrance of groom and bridal party)

Name of the song for the bride’s entrance


2.- Opening comment

Rite of entry, priest’s greeting and penitential act.


3.- Liturgy of the word

First reading,  responsorial psalm and second reading

4.- Gospel

Como Hacer Un Misal Para Tu Boda Católica
5.- Rite of marriage (Homily)

Exchange of vows, blessing and exchange of rings, blessing and delivery of coins, imposing the lace with prayer, blessing of the bible rosary and candle

6.- Eucharistic liturgy

Our father prayer and nuptial blessing

7.- Communion rite

Offertory, communion  and sign of piece

8.- Dismissal rite

Solemn blessing and recessional.

How to Make a Service Book For Your Catholic Wedding

We hope this small guide has been very helpful to you! If you want to see more about to the Catholic ceremony, check this article about readings recommendations for the mass or the consecrated chapels in the Riviera Maya.

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