How to choose your Wedding Venue in Riviera Maya


Are you having a destination wedding? Do you know how to choose your ideal wedding venue in Riviera Maya? From Cancun all the way to Tulum, there are beautiful and amazing places that can host your wedding, for example all-inclusive hotels, restaurants, private venues by the beach, islands, Villas, cenotes and the list goes on and on…

They are very different from each other in price range, space, lay out and restrictions. So the first thing to have in mind is the type of wedding you want, is it boho, romantic, luxurious, laid-back?  Then how many guests will you have? Can the venue accommodate all of them? Do you prefer the comfort to have the wedding onsite a hotel?

After having these this information, you can start looking for a venue and either if you make a site inspection or just send an email, make sure to ask these important questions.


Specially if it’s a hotel, usually they are very restrictive when it comes to late events, the regular curfew is 11:00 pm or 12:00 am for outdoors events. If it’s a private venue, it might be close to a residential area and therefore, end the events earlier. Also check the hours included in the rental, if you want to end the party at 2:00 am, and it only includes 6 hours, you might incur in extra fees.

Plan B

Does it has a covered area in case of inclement weather? Would you have to hire a tent if there is a chance or rain? If you choose a hotel most probably they will have an area or ballroom to move the event indoors, however ask to see it or at least some photos of it.

Fees for vendors

Some hotels and wedding venues in Riviera Maya have preferred suppliers they work with and if you decide to choose to have another hair and makeup artists, florist, special décor etc. there might be a fee to cover and for some all-inclusive hotels it varies between $400 to $1,000 usd per item plus the service you hire. This can add up quickly your budget, so be sure to have this information before you commit to a venue. For private locations is very rare they have these types of fees, but you can never assume there won’t be a charge, better ask!

Special restrictions:

Wedding venues in Riviera Maya have very strict fire restrictions because they usually have palm tree roofs so if you want fireworks, for example, make sure to as if they are allowed. Would you or your guests be able to smoke? Is there a parking area? Is there a specific time for set up and breakdown? Can you bring your own alcohol? Is there a corkage fee and how much would it be per guest?

Facilities and extras included

What does the hotel package includes? What extra services would you have to hire? If it is a private location, does it include chairs and tables even if you hire your own catering service? Does it include power generator, extra lighting, sound system or any other item you could use for the wedding?

Download our full questionnaire for Site Inspections to  ask the right questions like a PRO!  

These questions could be decisive in choosing the perfect wedding venue in Riviera Maya for  YOUR BIG DAY, make sure you ask them all!

Are you starting the wedding planning process? Check this post to know how what’s next on the list!

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