America & Ivan Mayan Wedding

Mayan Wedding in Cenote Tulum

América and Iván came on a romantic getaway to Riviera Maya this summer and decided to unite their lives in a one soul with a spiritual  mayan ceremony in one of our favorite cenotes in Tulum.

For our couples who decide to elope or have  a very intimate ceremony with their closest family members and friends, we recommend choosing a cenote as the venue since is surrounded by vegetation and the sounds of the jungle wich helps for an even greater communion with Mother Nature. The cenotes are sacred water holes for the Mayans because they belived that it was the entrance to the “underworld” where not only is the place to which one goes after death, but also where life begins, since water is the giving element of life. America describes her experience in a delightful way:

“Everything takes place in a magical and unique place, a cenote is the sacred cavern that represents the womb of the world, it has been the source of life, its humidity, its darkness, its purity, the breath that it exhales… everything recalls the maternal womb. The cave and the mountain as symbols of the Deity are not contrary, they are complementary, like the man and the woman, like YOU and ME “. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Fotografía: Roc´n´Love Photography

Planeación y Coordinación: Oh My Love  Weddings


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