Carly & Jack’s Mayan Wedding in Tulum

This lovely couple contact us few months before their trip to Tulum, they wanted to  celebrate their love with a spiritual ceremony  and could not get it back home. So we got to work and prepare for them a wonderful Cosmic Ceremony to connect with Mother Earth, to leave behind all the negativity that they may have been carrying and do not want to take to this new stage of their life, to ask permission and receive the blessing of the Ancestors and Mother Earth for their new path togheter in creation as twin flames. “From the moment Jack and I first saw each other, we knew there was ‘something special’ happening.  The soul connection was strong and we were very drawn to each other. The first time our bodies hugged and our energies united, it was like a magnet pulling us together…” Photos: Nicole Balsamo & Oh My Love Weddings

The Meaning Of The Colors Of Your Wedding

El significado del color de tu boda

Have you already chosen the colors of your wedding? Keep reading and discover what they say about your personality … Yellow: Happiness, warmth, alertness, vitality. Green: Natural, peace, fullness, growth, calm, freshness, respect. Purple: Wisdom, royalty, celebration, elegance, luxury, sensuality. Orange: Energy, fun, romp, exotic, jovial. Gray: Care, dedication, articulated, focused. Blue: Loyalty, peace, comfort, confidence, health, serenity, intelligence, tranquility. Black: Power, elegance, mystery, rebellion, sensuality. White: Purity, youth, cleanliness, virtue, innocence, simplicity. Red: Passion, danger, emotion, sensuality, attention, courage, success, dynamic. Pink: Affection, individualism, compassion, strength, sweetness. Brown: Consciousness, comfort, reliable, stable. It’s amazin what colors say about our personalities, isn’t it?