How To Cut Down The Wedding Gest List?

We know that there are certain people that is a fact that they will be invited to your wedding: your parents, your
 siblings, grandparents and best friends ... but, what about those people that are part of your everyday life or have 
been an important part of it at some point? Let's be honest! an additional guest means raising the cost of your
 wedding and even if you want it  to be the event of the year, there are few couples who can afford a wedding of 
400, 500, 600 people ....
What about your boss, your colleagues, your neighbors, your second cousin, the best friend of your childhood, and
 the list goes on and on ....

Here are some questions you could ask yourself when making the guest list, I assure you they will be a great  help to
 cut down the list!!
  • Family and plus ones



  • Childhood and old  friends


  • Close fiends and coworkers
  • Questions that apply FOR EVERYBODY:


If you answered YES to 8 or more questions, it is obvious that those people should be on the A list!
If you answered YES to 5 or more questions those people can be on the B list in case some guests from the A list can’t make it!
If you answered less than 4 YES, save that money for something else!

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