The Wedding Of Pam & Jan-Kess in Blue Venado

We are super excited to share with you the wedding of Pam & Jan-Kees!! We planed this event for 6 months, Pam from Leeds in England, Jan-Kees  from  Amsterdam and us from Playa del Carmen and we never struggled with the time difference! They had a very clear vision of their big day: A very relaxed party where they could have a great time with their friends and family who they don’t see very ofter or had even years to not see.  They looked for a private venue by the beach with the Caribbean feeling surrounded by coconuts and palm trees  and we immediatly thought of Blue Venado and they loved it (!!) and we start planning everything from zero. The color palette they chose was blush, dusty rose, gray and navy blue, we loooove it! It gave a touch of romanticism and elegance to the laid back celebration and we tried to incorporate in all the details, like Pam’s bouquet with tulips, roses and dusty miller with a navy ribbon. Introducing Mr. & Mrsa. Rem Rodríguez!!! Instead of a regular guest book, they chose a wish tree with a twist: they asked all of their guests to bring postcards […]

How To Cut Down The Wedding Gest List?

We know that there are certain people that is a fact that they will be invited to your wedding: your parents, your siblings, grandparents and best friends … but, what about those people that are part of your everyday life or have been an important part of it at some point? Let’s be honest! an additional guest means raising the cost of your wedding and even if you want it to be the event of the year, there are few couples who can afford a wedding of 400, 500, 600 people …. What about your boss, your colleagues, your neighbors, your second cousin, the best friend of your childhood, and the list goes on and on …. Here are some questions you could ask yourself when making the guest list, I assure you they will be a great help to cut down the list!! Family and plus ones     Childhood and old  friends   Close fiends and coworkers Questions that apply FOR EVERYBODY:   If you answered YES to 8 or more questions, it is obvious that those people should be on the A list! If you answered YES to 5 or more questions those people can be on […]

Songs For The Catholic Wedding

There is no doubt that music can make us relive feelings, emotions and even recreate in our mind scenes of the past. This is why the melodies you choose for the religious ceremony are so important because they have the power to make every moment of the Mass even more emotional and when you hear them in the future they will take you back to that moment when the priest said … ” I pronounce you husband and wife” Even today, after almost 4 years of marriage, whenever I hear one of the songs from my wedding, I get goose bumps!! So the number one recommendation in this post is to give the appropiate importance for this part of the planning. I will explain first of all the structure of a Catholic marriage ceremony: Processional: Entrance of the bridal party. Greeting of priest Liturgy of the Word: First Reading of the Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm, Second Reading of the New Testament. Gospel Hallelujah Homily: At this time the priest reflects on the readings. The celebration of matrimony: Here the grooms give their consent to marry (the famous, “yes, I do”) Exchange of rings. Offertory: Rite by which bread and wine […]

Trend Colors For Weddings In 2017

Whether you have a color in mind that you want to use as a theme for your wedding or maybe you want to choose your and your husband’s favorite color, this is certainly a very very important aspect in the planning of any wedding. There are key factors to consider, for example, in which season are you getting married, if the place is outdoors or indoors, what colors predominate in the location, because if the colors on the walls of your venue or the furniture have dark tones, you can play with tablecloths, flowers, or even add chairs and tables with soft or neutral colors and if you marry in a garden or on the beach then take advantage of the tones of the landscape to add color. A lot of brides have a well defined color or pallete that they will use but if you are one of the many girls that haven’t make up your mind, take a few minutes to read this post with the colors that will predominate the weddings in 2017, you may find your ideal combination!   Green, nude and white   Blush, green and gold Burgandy, orange and ivory      Coral, navy […]