How to Make a Service Book For Your Catholic Wedding

Como elaborar el misal de tu boda catolica

The preparation of a service book for a Catholic wedding celebration is very important as it is a guide for all the guests to follow closely the readings, songs and what is said during the ceremony. It is an even more useful tool in destination weddings where guests sometimes come from different countries and speak different languages; the mass is celebrated in only one language, either Spanish or English, and in the serivice book you can write the translation of each reading, psalm and moment so that everyone is involved! Remember that the first thing you should do is check with the church or parish priest if they have any type of missal they normally use in the ceremonies they officiate, so you can take a sample and make changes in names, dates, readings and phrases. In addition, you should combine it  with the rest of the stationery of your event to give it an even nicer touch. The missals can be placed in each place of the church or at the entrance in a basket for each guest or couple to take one; You can also ask one of the bridesmaids to distribute them among the guests before the celebration begins. […]

5 Tips For Your Destination Wedding

BEAUTY & STYLING  Bridal makeup and hairstyle The weather in the Caribbean is hot and humid, even in winter so we recommend you use a natural make up to highlight your best features and think about an updo hairstyle to avoid frizz.   Bridal gown and groom’s attire Choose the dress wisely, go for lighter and fresh fabrics, avoid the big ballroom, princess  dresses because you could be uncomfortable. The groom doesn’t necessarily need to wear a suit, if you want an elegant wedding choose light color suits like ivory, light gray, beige or if you are having a more laid-back event he could wear just the vest or perhaps a linen shirt (guayabera with cotton or linen pants.   Shoes If your wedding is by the beach, don’t wear high heels or because the heel will get stuck in the sand. Choose a cute and comfy pair of sandals or even barefoot with a lovely piece of foot jewelry.                                     WELCOME BAGS     Give useful welcome bags   Welcome bags are a great way to say “thank  ou” to all the people who traveled to be with you on your special day, but what to include? Think […]

What To Write In Your Wedding Website

The wedding website is a wonderful tool that you can use to keep all your guests informed of the wedding details and activities during the wedding weekend and to confirm assistance. This is the basic information we recommend adding in the web page: Wedding details. Such as date, time of ceremony, venue’s name and address, dress code.   Transfer and accommodation. The Cancun Internationl Aiport is the closest to either Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum. Inform your guests about the options are available in the area to go from the airport to their hotels: Private or shared taxi, Rental Car, transfer companies or public transportation (Bus to go directly to Playa del Carmen or Tulum). Do your research and look for hotels with group discounts, you can negotiate a good deal on the rates per room, you will need a minimum of rooms and nights though but having this advantage could help to save some bucks for the guests that want an all-inclusive resort. And of course there are other boutique hotels, bed & breakfast or vacational rentals, Airbnb is a great way to find condos and houses for rent.   Things to do. I love destination wedding because […]

The Meaning Of The Colors Of Your Wedding

El significado del color de tu boda

Have you already chosen the colors of your wedding? Keep reading and discover what they say about your personality … Yellow: Happiness, warmth, alertness, vitality. Green: Natural, peace, fullness, growth, calm, freshness, respect. Purple: Wisdom, royalty, celebration, elegance, luxury, sensuality. Orange: Energy, fun, romp, exotic, jovial. Gray: Care, dedication, articulated, focused. Blue: Loyalty, peace, comfort, confidence, health, serenity, intelligence, tranquility. Black: Power, elegance, mystery, rebellion, sensuality. White: Purity, youth, cleanliness, virtue, innocence, simplicity. Red: Passion, danger, emotion, sensuality, attention, courage, success, dynamic. Pink: Affection, individualism, compassion, strength, sweetness. Brown: Consciousness, comfort, reliable, stable. It’s amazin what colors say about our personalities, isn’t it?