How To Say NO When Your Guests Ask You For Extra Invitations

You can’t imagine how many times our couples have asked us about this subject! at a wedding, whether it is in a foreign destination or at home, there are always those uncomfortable guests who want more invitations to take their son with their wife, their litle children, a very good friend, their mother, a recent girlfriend etc. And in some way it is very common in destinations weddings since most of the guests take a little vacation and want to kill two birds with one stone but beware… That does not mean that you should say yes and increase your guest list with people who may not know or are not special to you. It will seem incredible how inconsiderate people can be but perhaps they are not aware that each plate and each seat has an additional cost, (not to mention the seat assignment) and for them it is very easy to add “only one person” Normally the guests who should be invited with a +1 are married couples, guests with long-time relationships and people who will not know anyone at the wedding. So, how can you say no to the guests who ask for more invitations? (Because believe […]

Hotel vs Private Venue… Pros & Cons

hotel vs private venue

Choosing between having your wedding in an all inclusive hotel or a private venue is HUGE for a destination wedding. Some couples want the advantages and comfort of having the wedding steps again from their hotel room.  Others love the freedom to do a tailor-made event.  Let’s see the PROS  and CONS from each place, shall we?   HOTEL PROS All the events take place in the same location (ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner reception hence you won’t have to transport all the guests. The wedding packages are usually cheaper that private venues or even free when having certain numbers or rooms booked. The more rooms your guests’ book, the easier will be for you to negotiate extra perks for the event. Many hotels in Cancun and Mayan Riviera offer benefits for the bride and groom like complimentary nights when booking more than 10 rooms per 3 nights, room upgrades, massages, romantic dinners etc.   CONS  Little or no flexibility in changing the wedding packages so if you want certain styling for your wedding the hotel will charge you for every single item. No privacy during the ceremony, the beach and ground areas of the hotel are public, and they cannot […]

How To Choose Your Wedding Venue In Riviera Maya

Como seleccionar el lugar para tu boda en la Rviera Maya

Are you having a destination wedding? Do you know how to choose your ideal wedding venue in Riviera Maya? From Cancun all the way to Tulum, there are beautiful and amazing places that can host your wedding, for example all-inclusive hotels, restaurants, private venues by the beach, islands, Villas, caverns and the list goes on and on… They are very different from each other in price range, space, lay out and restrictions. So the first thing to have in mind is the type of wedding you want, is it boho, romantic, luxurious, laid-back?  Then how many guests will you have? Can the venue accommodate all of them? Do you prefer the comfort to have the wedding onsite a hotel?        After having these this information, you can start looking for a venue and either if you make a site inspection or just send an email, make sure to ask these important questions. 5 Top Questions to ask when looking for a wedding venu in Riviera Maya.  Curfew: Specially if it’s a hotel, usually they are very restrictive when it comes to late events, the regular curfew is 11:00 pm or 12:00 am for outdoors events. If it’s a […]

Best Month To Get Married in Riviera Maya

Are you looking for the best month to get married in Riviera Maya??? We’ll tell you in this article all the pros and cons of every time of the year.  First of all you need to consider the following factors:   If kids are still in school If it’s rain or hurricaine season, The Mayan Rain God “Chaac” might ruin your gorgeous set up in the beach. If it’s high season for holidays or weddings; this will affect the accomodations cost for your guests as well as venues and vendors prices.     December, January and February These months are of great tourist affluence and hotel rates are the most expensive of the year. At the beginning of December, approximately from 01 to 12 it is still low season and you can find good prices for accomodations. The weather is definitely the best of the year, in our winter we enjoy temperatures of 64 °F to 82 °F, so many foreign tourists visit us escaping from the snow in their countries. March, April, May and November  These are the months for high wedding season in the area, perhaps because the weather is still cool… at the end of May the humidity increases but […]